long walks & plant talks
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Final notion: to tire of ‘dread’ my treats shall only be champagne and gelato, sprinkle some swedish fish in there once in awhile 

Am I being completely apathetic towards life if I just do whatever makes me happy?

Cocteau Twins - Oomingmak

My lungs are shaking & my spine is giving way to something dark & magical 

The light you give off
did not come from a pelvis.

Your features did not begin in semen.
Don’t try to hide inside anger
radiance that cannot be hidden.


Fear as a propellor, nothing to be consumed

Could face a feathery cosmos. Doubt is not a solid, it is time  

I forget how old I am far too often. It’s usually a brawl between 34 and 53 

Swampy drunk baby says “paleontology!!” 

Swampy drunk baby says “paleontology!!” 

This hot oldie 

This hot oldie 

Be as dedicated to life as life is imaginable